Adult and Pediatric Care by a Board Certified Optometrist

vision changes happen to many people as they grow up, grow older or go through various stages of life, special activities and more. Dr. Anhalt at Palm Vision Center offers eye care for every step of the way. 

Dr. Anhalt offers exams for children 5 years of age and older to ensure that your child’s eyes and visual systems are developing properly. This is much more thorough than a regular pediatrician screening and gives you valuable baselines for your child’s eye health. During the school years, annual tests are highly recommended to monitor the eye health, prescription status, and skill development.

The teenage years often show the first signs of vision problems. It is common the inability to see at distances, which may cause problems in the classroom and a host of other activities, like driving. Many teens also engage in more intense sports, work and physical pursuits that increase the chance of eye injuries.

Changes in hormones, metabolism, fluid retention, and blood circulation can all affect women’s eyes and their eyesight during pregnancy. In most cases, issues at this stage are temporary and will reverse themselves within several months of delivery, so, in general, pregnancy isn't a great time to invest in a new pair of glasses.

Another important vision topic in life of many men and women is sports practice. Sports vision tests go beyond standard eye tests, which is vital to overall athletic training as well as specifically enhancing visual function. These tests can be beneficial for assessing athletic abilities associated with hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, and depth perception.

All changes in hormones may have an impact on vision. Many times the cause of eye disease during menopause is hormonal. For example, falling levels of estrogen is strongly associated with symptoms of eye disease during menopause, specifically cataracts, glaucoma and AMD.

As you age, you are at higher risk of developing age-related eye diseases and conditions.These include: age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, low vision and dry eye. Everyone age 50 or older should have a yearly comprehensive dilated eye exam. Many eye diseases have no early warning signs or symptoms, so early detection and treatment can help you save your sight. Even if you aren’t experiencing any vision problems, we encourage you to visit Dr. Anhalt at Palm Vision Center in Cooper City, Florida for a dilated eye exam.